Our cockatiels
You can read over here the story's about our cockatiels...
Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.com P.D. came to live with us in June 1999. She was 5 weeks old at that time, which turned out to be an advantage as she bonded with us strongly. The first couple of days she just sat in her cage...
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Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.com At the age of 6-8 weeks, K.C. came to live with us in December 1999. As he was not the first cockatiel to move in with us, he had to submit to P.D.ís seniority . .
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Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.com Loky is born somewhere in 1999, we know that from her banding. When she was very young she broken her wing and nobody that care of here wing.
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Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.com We bought Kyra from breeders in the Netherlands. She was used to people because she was also feed by hand sometimes. We visit Kyra also when she was only three weeks old...
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Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.com I'm Sammy, a pied and pearl female cockatiel of 2 years old. Before I'll moved in with Cisca and Joop my life was not so nice, I was very thin. Cisca and Joop take care of me so my weight 
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Too bad we don't have a good photo of K.B. In December 1999, K.B. came to live with us. It was a really strong bird, much stronger then P.D. so we a big problem, P.D. and K.B. don't really like to share the same cage...
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