Name: Sammy
Sex: Pop
Mutation: Bont/Gepareld
Born: 2000

I'm Sammy, a pied and pearl female cockatiel of 2 years old. Before I'll moved in with Cisca and Joop my life was not so nice, I was very thin. Cisca and Joop take care of me so my weight gets much better and they gave me very much love! But flying, no I can't no more. Because my first owners clipped my wings wrong, I'll never learned how to fly. So I'll refer to stay in the cage, but al the other cockatiel flies through the living, and I'll don't want to be alone. 

Cockatiel -
Cockatiel -

Until last year (2002) Angelique and Peter saw me sitting in the cage and Angelique takes me out, it was something like love at first sight. They had also a cockatiel that can't fly, and they take me to my new home. And now I'm very happy with Loky and all the other cockatiels, when the rest takes a fly Loky and I stay in the cage sometimes we are walking outside the cage and climb on top of the cage. 

I'll like it here so much that I'll want to stay the rest of life with Angelique and Peter and the rest of the gang!

Cockatiel -