Name: K.B.
Sex: Male
Mutation: Normal
Born: November 1999


In December 1999, K.B. came to live with us. He was 6-8 weeks old, and as he was not the first cockateel to move in with us, he had to share everything with P.D.We regret that K.B. would never become as tame as P.D. K.B. was a genuine outdoor aviary bird. He was much bigger and stronger than P.D. and as to humans, well he would not have anything to do with them.

We were clearly misinformed about this bird. This cockatiel was quite handsome, but being frightened of humans and extremely aggressive, K.B. would bite anything he could get a hold of. Bad luck for P.D., who had to suffer from this streak of character many a time. Angélique too was on the receiving end of K.B.’s bites. Cockatiels have a habit of biting into the cuticles. Very painful indeed.

After a day or two we decided that enough is enough. P.D. had become scared to death of K.B., who in his turn didn’t feel comfortable at all, so we decided to take K.B. back. It was the best thing to do, for K.B., for us and especially for P.D. All we know of K.B. is that he is an outdoor aviary bird and that he is back with his former owner. Unfortunately, most of the pictures we took of K.B. are no good. We bought cheap film to save on our expenses, which resulted in bad quality pictures,or none at all. Those pictures that we did use, have been touched up by computer, which is all we could do. We regret that now we don’t have any good picture of K.B…… Eventually, K.B. might have become friends with P.D. They may even have done things together without fighting, but there were still those humans to deal with. And K.B. didn’t like them at all.

We hope that K.B. has found a good home.