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Titel: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie - GEVONDEN!
Bericht door: Oliek op 15 februari 2017, 10:10:56
Dear All,
Sorry for English but I can not yet write fully in Dutch.
We are looking for a new friendly family for our bird Tico.  He is a boy, healthy,  around 8-9 years old, I know he was born in Alkmaar and he is officialy registered and has a ring on his claw( we had somewhere his birth certificate and will look for it, if the new family will be found)  not afraid of hands, very loving and can sing Feyenoord song:) 
Last year Tico lost his long time friend Teco  and since that he feels lonely and a bit sad. We are most time at work and in the evening the bird wants attention and love and it is not enough for him the few hours that we have. He used to have a partner. He is calm, not aggressive by character and needs friends, talk/sing/play partners. We see that we our schedules now we are not giving him the best life he can have and we decided that it would be fair to look for a new family for him.
He was always living inside( binnen) but he everyday likes to fly around the room, he is very good at  understanding where and what is and does not hit the walls, does not eat or destroy things. He loves to sit on a shoulder, allows to touch him and to scratch his head. He also loves to walk on the floor.
His favourite foods are: Xtra Vital from Beaphar and Prestige by Versele Laga, he 2-3 times a year receives a vitamine course, he is not fan of veggies or fruits so we took extra care during playing to offer him and to let him eat( he is more eager to take something from hands). he loves fresh birch branches to chew on, green grass from dierenwinkel. He does not like red-coloured  fruits or veggies, or clothing or even nail polish color:))) he likes to have sepia in his cage.  Sometimes he likes to munch on egg whites, bit of cheese.
He loves water spray douch every week and a  clean cage - if he thinks it is not clean he will let you know.
His big cage, food suplies for few months and toys will go with him.
Location: Dordrecht, Zuid Holland

What we are looking in a new family for Tico:
You might have valkparkieten( a bit younger or the same age, not aggressive, accepting new birds)  - we are sure Tico will blend in perfectly with other birds, will be happy to play and talk with new birdies.
If you dont have birds yet but would like to have Tico we need to make sure you have time for him
You keep birds only inside, you let them out to fly inside on a daily basis
You are attentive, responsible and caring 
You are ready to give him love and attention needed
You have experience with birds/parkiets
You want to have a new  family member ( all your family members should agree to accept new bird).

If you are interested - please contact me on here or through email :

For your convenience -  we can communicate in Dutch, so use any language for your comfort.
Titel: Re: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie
Bericht door: carco op 15 februari 2017, 15:52:41
Isn't it possible to take a new friend for Tico?
And why must he live inside a house? I think he love it in an aviary? Not now because of the weather, but in the sping it can.

Titel: Re: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie
Bericht door: Oliek op 15 februari 2017, 16:01:22
In order to add a new bird you need to be there at least first few full days - if needed to set birds apart, to control  how they mingle and we are not able to do this. That is why I write that the new family needs time. Also I believe if the bird grew up inside and not used to temperate changes it is not good now after 9 years to make it leave outside the house.
Titel: Re: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie
Bericht door: carco op 15 februari 2017, 16:07:46
You can take a bird which is already tamed, but when you think you''re time is to short to give them attention? I don't know, difficult.
A bird however who lives for 9 years inside a house  can also get use to live outside when you start in springtime . That's no problem.

Titel: Re: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie
Bericht door: Vogelvrouwtje25 op 17 februari 2017, 19:08:26
Het lijkt me wel een leuk beestje en kan hem ook biedenwat je zoekt maar ik heb zelf een vogel van 4 maanden dus vraag me af of dat niet een te groot leeftijdsverschil is tussen de beide vogels
Titel: Re: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie
Bericht door: Lin op 19 februari 2017, 12:51:46
Je zit er ook mee dat de oudste waarschijnlijk eerder doodgaat en dan si de jongste weer alleen.
Titel: Re: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie
Bericht door: carco op 19 februari 2017, 12:55:00
Ja,maar als je dat zo gaat bekijken...
Hij kan nog wel 10 jaar mee gaan.

Groetjes: Caroline.
Titel: Re: Tico (valkparkiet) zoekt nieuwe familie
Bericht door: Oliek op 10 april 2017, 12:54:17
Tico found a new house with a new friend of same age and who looks exactly like his old friend ! We are on probation period now, checking how they both will mate. But so far so good for now.
Thanks for the forum that helped us to find a new house for our birdie.