Banding, depending on how well the parents have fed them,
the window for banding babies is usually between 6 and 10 days.
Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.comStep 1:
Pull the 3 longest toes together to the front and the last toe to the back.
Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.comStep 2:
Put the band over those 3 toes, and push it on as far as it will go (not too far!). Make note of which way you place the band on, too. This one is placed that you can read the band when the bird standing.
Cockatiel - Valkparkiet.comStep 3:
Last, a toothpick to release the other back toe, so that the band is turning free above all 4 toes.
Cockatiel - Step 4:
A few seconds later... Ready and it provides permanent indentification for your babies.
Thanks nita for let us use you're photo's