Cockatiel of the month: October 2002 

Coco is 8 jears old and he is been through a lot. When he was 3 months with me at home, he flew in the chicken soup. He had burned his feet. Becouse of that he walks crippled. He also sat stuck in the vacuum cleaner. Before I knew he was sucked in to it. The consequence: all the feathers on his head stood straigt up. Coco likes to drive with us in the car ( he sits on my shoulder, and got a lot of attention from people), dark holes, molesting things and everything I eat and drink. Coco was with me during the holliday in the province of Zeeland. During the 3 hour trip he sat on my shoulder. I even took him to a birthdayparty. Sometimes we go to the MacDrive. When we go there, Coco is be in high spirit. He eats salad and French fries, of course not to much. If Coco slept the night on the cage, he makes me awake when the first sunbeams shine into my room. Coco sit next to my head, tikking with his bill on my nose. When he did that, he goes warble as hard as possible. If I open my mouth, he puts his head in my mouth, and warble even harder. He likes to hear himself. Coco also imitates a blackbird. If I talk to him, it looks like he's talking back. He looks at me ans he put his bill against my mouth. When I arrive home from my work, he treat me on a flute concert. It's very important to keep Coco in my sight. He is molesting everything. Many earrings, papers and headphones were ruind by him, so be loose when I'm not at home is not a good idea. Coco has 2 pals. Einstein and Witje (=white). I got Einstein from a cousin of me. He had no time for her anymore and his girlfriend was allergic for birds. Einstein was callow when she arrived. Einstein turned out to be a female, but I kept the name. She is not very tame, but she likes to sit on the cage, very often together with Coco. Witje is a budgerigar and she is now 14 jears old. She warble a lot, and she seems to enjoy it. She has signs of old ags, but she is still happy. She is tough. 

Mariska, Coco, Einstein and Witje 

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Translation by: Mariska