Cockatiel of the month : Oktober 2001
Hi, this Lucky, he's 4 month old and very dependent on us. Lucky is a nervous, but very sweet cockatiel. He likes to play with anything he can break or eat. His favorite toy is visible on all the photo's. This is my 4th cockatiel, the first three are no longer with us. After the first two died we decided to get another cockatiel but this was not a succes because that one was too aggressive. So after returning him to the pet shop we went to a breeder to get Lucky. Lucky is -as you can see- a whiteface cockatiel. What I like most about him is his sweet character. Luck self speaking: I'm Lucky, a very pretty cockatiel. Don't you think so. Everything I whisper in my owners ears she types on the computer, so this way I became cockatiel of the month. As you can see I'm fully grey and don't have beautifull red cheeks neither do I have many colors. That's because I am a whiteface. You don't see my kind in the books very often, that's why I would like to talk to all of you this way. I -sometimes- drive my owner mad by all the attention I am asking for, sometimes I am playing with her, but as she is getting up to walk away from me I am flying right after her. I am trying to eat whatever my owner is eating, but my owner calls me a chicken everytime I try to because they always eat the leftovers. I like shiny things to play with. Despite everything my owner likes me, and I think most humans are great and funny as well.  Cockatiel -
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