Cockatiel of the month : November 2001
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Cockatiel -

If there is a cockatiel of the month then is it will be my cockatiel. 
And his name is "Monster", because Monster was only 7 days old when we got him. We had also a few parrots so you can see on the photo's. Two times we saved Monsters live, lucky Monster. And because Monster is just so lucky we think he must be cockatiel of the month. 

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Cockatiel - Too bad we get the next message a few days later, Angelique en Peter. I'll don't know how to tell it but Monster is not longer with us, 21 oktober Monster is the last day that Monster was alive. 2 times he was lucky that we saved him, but this time... he wassent lucky...  We think it was his time. We send some information to a vet, but he diddent know the answer. Goodluck Monster, we miss you! 

Best regards,  Jolanda en don  

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