Cockatiel of the month: May 2003


My name is Davy and I want to sign up as cockatiel of the month. I am a white head cockatiel of almost 4 years old. My bossy raised me by hand, feeding me, until I could eat and drink on my own. I love company and when there are people visiting us, I like to join in. One leg goes into the air and I canít stop to jabber. Well, I live a full life! My favorite TV shows are The Nanny and Good times Bad Times (a Dutch production). When the program tunes starts, Iíll go wild. Iíll move happily with the music and start to whistle very loud. Then I also like to play with my bell. My bossy then says; last round is on the house! What they mean by that, I donít know, but I know they like it so I ring the bell louder. When Iím out the cage, I like to sit on my bossy's shoulder or knee.  Sometimes I am being naughty and I go on a discovery flight. But unfortunately Iím being returned to my cage as Iím not allowed to play with or eat the plants or do other sort of mischief. I donít like being send back to my cage because I find it very interesting to find out things by my self!! When they send me back to my cage I mostly go to sleep. Iíll go to the top of my cage and sit in the feeding cup. Strange place? No not it all, just very nice and a funny site, when my tuft sticks out the top of my cage. Well I, can off course tell a lot more about myself. However, I wonít, as the story grows to long then. I hope they let me be in the contest for cockatiel of the month. A paw from me, and greetings from my bossy Claudia 

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Translation by: Diana