Cockatiel of the month: May 2002

Here are some photos of my good friend Jip. Jip is almost 2 years old now and my true friend. She is a cockatiel, who has clearly, a very strong mind off her own. She loves to sit in her ring that hangs in front of the window. From that ring, she screams very loudly to others birds outside. As if she wants to tell them go away I live here! Anyway, she is a real cuddly bird. She loves it when I cuddle her on the back of her neck and across her cheeks. She loves to be cuddled so much that when she sits on my shoulder or finger she bends her head down, ready to be cuddled. In the weekend she wakes me up at about nine o'clock. Than its time for me to get up and she makes that very clear by screaming and ringing her bell in her cage. Further more she has destroyed some things. Plants, jewelry and lamps are not save around her. Sometimes she goes in the shower with me. And as Im taking the shower, she slides on her belly through the water on the ground. She doesnt like strangers. She gets frightend every time she lands on the head or shoulder of a guest. But when she stays with other people, or when Im on holiday, she forgets me very quickly. In the evening she gets a bit grumpy, she sits on the doorknob and when you walk past she starts to hiss. She also does that when she is afraid. Jip has laid eggs a couple of times, but they where not fertile off course. We are very happy together. 

Cockatiel -

Greetings Yvette 

Translation by: Diana

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