Cockatiel of the month: March 2003


Hi, since about 2 years I own a cockatiel, named Ricky. My friend from the rowing club took care of him for 15 years but then he got kids; as they grew up, Ricky screamed out loud constantly and often found himself locked up in the bathroom. As I felt very sorry for him, I took Ricky to live in my house permanently (he already was a guest when my friend went away for holidays). Although I never really felt like taking a bird as a pet, I must say Ricky is a very cute little fellow. We believe he is about 18 years old now; 15 years ago we found him at the Amsterdam rowing club. Last november I got a little kitten, named Rebecca, for my birthday and my husband and I are trying to make the two get used to each other. However, the pussycat still goes for the bird, so I very much doubt they ever will be able to live together in peace, side by side. That's why I searched for and found a nice new place for Ricky in a family with 9 and 11 year old kids who just adore him. They'll give Ricky all the attention he needs as well as a lot of freedom. The family does own a big Bernhardiner but that fellow doesn't move nearly as swift as my kitten. The photographs show Ricky between June 2000 and now, with cats from the neighbours on top of his cage, and Rebecca inside it. 

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Translation by: Rene