Cockatiel of the month: July 2002

Gekke Gerrit
(translation: Crazy Gerrit)

Gekke Gerrit came to me in my house 7 years ago when one of my two budgerigars died. Because Maatje (one of the budgerigars) always was used to have company and the breeding time of the budgerigars was expired, I was already really happy with the two year old Gerrit, which has lived on various residences. Gerrit has been hand maken tame but also lame. This with an unknown cause, so what?

Cockatiel -
Since the day that Gerrit joined Maatje and me, the contact between the budgerigar was very good. They caress eachother, every morning they billed together and they walked through the house. If Gerrit sung his best song, Maatje sung with him. They did everything together. Unfortunately Maatje has flew to the budgerigarsheaven the 27th of April (I was glad that he did that, how sad already, alone). His pretty nice life with Gerrit has ended after 9 healthy years. This beautifull picture of my "airplane" witnesses of the friendship between a budgerigar and a cockatiel.

Greetings, Hermien Gorlitz

Translation by: Mariska