Cockatiel of the month : July 2001
Ted is my cockatiel, i'll hae him now for 17 years and he is always free. He don't like other cockatiels, the cockatiel of my sister was ones with us. But he didden't like the idea of a second tiel. The "new" bird fly into Ted cage and started to eat his seeds but Ted was watching and thinking something like: if want to eat go ahead. Ted uses never the bottom of his cage, so i'll use a old newspaper to cover up the bottom. It's also a cheap solution. He can also speak some words: Hallo, koppie krauw and lekker. Ted is two times escaped, the first he was back with a day. The second time takes only 15 minutes. He's likes also alcohol, chips and more "bad" things for cockatiel, but if it's bad or good: Ted is now 17 and still very alive! 
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