Cockatiel of the month: Januari 2003

Hello cockatiel lovers,

My name is Beetle, which my mama tells me is because of my lovely tuft. I came to live in Amersfoort on Queensday (30 April) 2002. Only four weeks old, I still needed additional handfeeding; now I've grown quite a bit taller. At times I can be a very naughty cockatiel, getting pleasure from teasing mommy. I walk over the computer keyboard and pull the paper from the printer; that device is so slow, it really needs my help. Unfortunately, this does leave imprints of my beak on the paper. From time to time I like to have a bit of coffee too, though it must have sugar in it!

When I was young I could only scream, by now I can sing too. Mommy tries to teach me her tunes, but I really don't feel like whistling those, I have my own repertoire! But note that I do say "mama" to her; she said it to me that often that I've started saying it too. This makes her very proud of me. I like to sit on mommy's head and whistle my tunes to her. Pulling mommy's earrings is also a lot of fun, she starts screaming too. Then I quickly say "mama" and she stops being angry at me.

When I want to leave my cage I start tapping with my beak on the food cups. If mommy doesn't react, I scream out loud, which usually results in the cage door opening up. I enjoy giving kisses, especially through the cage bars. Mommy sits on the other side and says "giive me a kiss". She often does this in the morning when she's just out of bed; as I like kissing, I am always happy to comply. Cuddling with mommy is something I only do when I feel like it. She scratches my head, nicely over my crown, until I have had enough and walk away.

Straws are awesome, I can play with those for hours in a row. When one straw is done for, I go fetch myself another one from mommy's tin. The spoon in her coffee mug is too heavy for me, so I only rattle with that. Two other cockatiels, named Lucky and Elvis, are living with me in my cage. They are still a bit afraid and don't want to sit with Mommy, much to my liking as in this way I have her all to myself. On the photograph my crest isn't very yellow yet, but that changed after my first moulting. Mommy feels my crest turns more beautifull by the day. Well, I think this is about all I wanted you to know, the rest are private matters between me and my mom.

Dear Mama, I love you, let's hope I make it to be cockatiel of the month!

Lots of kisses, your Beetle.

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Translation by: Rene