Cockatiel of the month: Januari 2002

Hi, Iím Sylvia, 21 years old en I live together with 2 cockatiels and 3 rabbits. My birds are my favourite hobby. Kinky (picture) is a cockatiel of my niece, sheís 10. She want to make him tame but thereís much time to need for that. In the past Iíve got 2 cockatiels who was very tame. Kinky isnít a very young bird and heís very afraid. Sometimes he will sit on my head or shoulders, but thatís not going very well. He flyís very much and he knows were his cage is. I do very much to care him. Last week, I bought a buddy for him: Elmo (Kinky is a hen) Elmo is very young and scared. Heís also very pithy: he has bite my a lot! But Elmo does go sit on my hand. The bird on the picture is Kinky.
Cockatiel - I find it a nice picture, and specially for this time of the year!

Greets,Sylvia, Kinky and Elmo.

Translation by: Tara also thanks for Stijn