Cockatiel of the month: Februari 2003


Hi cockatiel pals! I want to give up a very sweet bird for cockatiel of the month because she really deserves this. This bird, named Laiko is a beautiful pearl cockatiel, like you see on the pictures, she’s a really rogue and so she looks like too! Laiko can some tricks, she can give a foot and she gives many kisses. That she cans best of all! Her boyfriend is Moko. Laiko can’t fly, it’s terrible, but her feathers are growing back. Laiko has enemy’s too, but she’s the enemy of her enemy’s too, 2 stupid dogs. If Laiko goes with me and go for a walk, we hear Moko at the whole street. Laiko likes computer stuff, like the clavier and also things that’s shiny. But every cockatiel likes that right? If she will go back in her cage and she sees my collar, she doesn’t want into the cage anymore. She likes also if I touch her on the ears, then she turns her whole head. She doesn’t like when I clean her feathers, then she’s really mad at me (cry cry) but in short words, Laiko is adorable! 
Many greets, Tara and a feat from Laiko! 

Cockatiel -  Cockatiel - Cockatiel -
Cockatiel -  Cockatiel - Cockatiel -

Translation by: Tara