Cockatiel of the month : Februari 2002


Hi, Nyra is Cocoís female, Coco is already be cockatiel of the month. Nyra is now a half year with us, sheís born on 07/07/01 and she was totally wild when I bought her. Iíve got trained actually a lot of cockatiels, but because the cockatiel Hannibal, I am lose it a while. I had by Hannibal many problems with Nyra too! This was because Hannibal the Ďbossí was and Nyra did the same like him. But lucky that Nyra now, just like Coco, is a honey of a bird! Nyra wants to say something, just like Coco, by herself : Nyra by herself: Hi everybody, my name is Nyra, but you folks new that already didnít you? Diana isnít my real boss, thatís her brother. (even if heís me tired after a week) Iím not so very old, Iím also afraid for people accept Diana, but the reason is because sheís the only one is who give me attention. Al of the other people likes Coco more. They say well that I am very beautiful, but thatís because I am not just a ordinary cockatiel, isnít? I havenít many friends to play, yesÖthe cockatiels of my neighbours, but I may not go alone outside. And thatís a disadvantage. And I had a good friend named Hannibal and he must leave, that wasnít fun! Hannibal was really a good friend, even if he was always busy, each morning, he flute always and he always take care about me, and if I was gone, he searched me always. But now, that canít be anymore (cry!)

Lucky there will come 2 new cockatiels leave with us, they will call Angel and Valerie and they will come my friends and not those of Coco! My favourite stuffs are like any cockatiel, climbing and gnaw. I can now much better fly, I couldnít fly so good. Now I can even go upstairs! I donít prefer walking, then only downstairs, upstairs, downstairs,Ö Sometimes is a nice piece fruit good on his place with me and for a Cracker with honey, you can wake me up for it! Also I love to in a shower with warm water. I love also the music, then Iíll and Coco will very weird going to dance. I drink very much, very much if you compare me with Coco. Now, properly, I havenít so much go trough in my life, right?

Best regards, Diana en Nyra

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Translation by Tara DeWulf