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Music Size
The Happy Cockatiel - Newtons_Song 1119 Kb
The Happy Cockatiel - Cockatiel_Love_Call Blues 1316 Kb
The Happy Cockatiel - Come_play_with_me 1529 Kb
The Happy Cockatiel - Let_us_out_Crazeee 1356 Kb
The Happy Cockatiel - Alone_in_a_Pet_Shop 1937 Kb
The Happy Cockatiel - The_Happy_Cockatiel 2025 Kb
The Happy Cockatiel - Newtons_Song_featuring Newton 1193 Kb

The Happy Cockatiel is published with permission by:
Stefan Leipziger (c) 1997 - 2004 

Free CockatielGenetics Software (by Jim Vegeais) 29 Kb

Logo you're Nokia

I want also a cockatiel on my Nokia...
I want also a cockatiel logo on my Nokia.

You needed a special cable too connect you're Nokia with you're computer and you also needed a special software packet "Nokia Logomanager". Download the logo and follow the instruction in you're softwareprogram how to upload the picture too you're Nokia.
Download the logo

Click right on the logo and place it on a directory on you're computer and open it in Nokiamanager.

It's not easy and you need also a special cable.