Cockatiel of the month: April 2003

Hello, my name is Abeltje. I'm a happy little bird, only 1.5 years of age, and I enjoy singing. The grassfield next to our house is visited by dogs frequently; when they bark, I walk behind the window and bark at them too. My latest tune is Alaaf, coming from the province of Limburg, there's no escape from that this time of year; fortunately it's an easy one to sing. I do have other tunes on my repertoire and I also whistle at the ladies; that's not hard either. Even though it is rather short, the sound clip attached to this submission should give you an idea of what I can whistle. I'm not a very talkative bird, really don't see the point of that.

During daytime, when our rabit Noel and me are home alone, my cage stands in the kitchen behind the window. There's always something happening outside and that place remains untouched by blistering sunshine. The rabit is fun to play with, sometimes I bite him in the ear or pick at his cute white tail. He doesn't like it one bit, so I quickly move out of his way; being able to fly surely is an advantage there. I am out of my cage quite often, but don't fly that much, usually prefer walking. I really enjoy being cuddled. When it's time to go back to my cage, something I'm very well aware of, I fly there myself. People at home call me the bulldozer as I push all things I walk into from the table. Although I'm a rather tough cockatiel, my owner wants to nominate me for cockatiel of the month, and it would make me very proud if I would be awarded that title.

Greetings Abeltje

Cockatiel - Sound from Abeltje5 Kb

Cockatiel - Cockatiel - Cockatiel - Cockatiel -

Translation by: Rene