Cockatiel of the month: April 2002

Toby arrived on the 18th of August 2001. The first day he sat like a statue in the cage. If I had to be in the cage to refresh te food and water, he let himself fall to the bottom of the cage, and he ran like a nervous person over the bottom of the cage. I got crazy of it. That took at least one week.
Then he escaped by accident when I wanted to clean the cage. I thought I coudn't get him anymore, but he just came on my finger. Then I let him eat from my hand. From that moment I could do everything with him. He likes hugs, sleeping on my shoulder in the evening and he likes to eat with us. On Sunday morning he yells so loudly, that we get him, and take him with us in bed.
What he likes to, is to take a shower. Toby is a stay-at-home bird, and we can't miss him anymore.

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Translation by: Mariska