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Origin: Almost all of Australia, except for the humid coastal regions.
Habitat: Agricultural regions, dry regions, grass steppes, semi-deserts, though always in the vicinity of humid regions.
Appearance Original cockatiel: gamecolour (grey). Now there are many mutations.
Size From head to tail 30–33cm.
Tail ± 15 cm.
Weight From 80 to 100 gramms
Lifespan 15-20 years, sometimes older
Sexually mature At 9 months.
Breeding season In Australia: August till December
Moulting period End of breeding season, one or two feathers throughout the year
Number of eggs per breeding About 4 to 5, sometimes more
Sequence of laying One egg every 2 days
Start of breeding Mostly after the second egg
Breeding duration 18 to 21 days
Parental care About 33 days
  • Many plants are poisonous to cockatiels.
  • Cockatiels can scream and screech very loudly
  • Never buy just 1 cockatiel, always buy two or more as these birds enjoy each other’s company.
  • Always try to buy directly from the breeder, who can supply you with a lot of useful information  on the bird.
  • When the birds are sitting still, hunched up in a corner of the cage, this is often an indication that they’re ill.
  • They like to gnaw at things, so supply them with a lot of natural branches. Create a sort of playground with a lot of things to gnaw at. This will keep them from gnawing at everything in sight in your living quarters.
  • They prefer branches from a willow or fruit tree as seating branches.
  • With a lot of training, cockatiels will say a few words.  Males are often more talkative than females.
  • By now, many colour mutations have been bred.